Kyoto Windy coffee apprentice Day 1: apprentice begins

Roasted coffee shop Windy
Kyoto is located in Higashiyama Ward.

The nearest station of Keihan line Kiyomizu Gojo Station.

A well-established store in Kyoto.





Only coffee shop. Windy.


From today, under master and his wife, training began.

Please do what you want to do in fleely.

You can stay here.

Whether you terms of coffee, also the way of roasting.

I want you to ask question.

Then,we can give to answer anything.


To the person who understand the taste, I want to go more and more spread it.

In roasting the beans of the master, the formulation is genuine.

So, they come to this shop. A local sweets craftsman, tukudani craftsman.They are as a regular customer.

They know first-class,and craftsmen continue to make things of first class is.

The master of tell me of them, because there is a philosophy that is common to such people.

The opportunity to learn such a coffee.

We had a very quality time.